Behold the summery awesomeness that is the Bignik, a gigantic picnic blanket on a field in Stein, Switzerland. It’s a large-scale interactive art installations created by Swiss artists and twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin. Bignik was constructed by sewing together towels, curtains, sheets and tablecloths, all of which were donated to the project. Visitors were invited to bring food, games, sunscreen and plenty of friends to enjoy an epic picnic.

"Art has to have a clear function", Patrik says earnestly, and his brother Frank shares that conviction: "It should be experienced amidst life and not be confined to art galleries and museums!"

Click here to learn more about the Bignik project.

[via Design Taxi and Junkculture]

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when someone makes a joke about one of ur insecurities



Chameleon hatching

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